Below are some software projects I have done
I'm also a keen gardener.

Software (with sources)

C Source

0x0Hexer Win32 dialog based Hex to Number converter, for C types. Source included (good basis for dialog app).
Huffman.zap - description of and C source code for huffman coding. Could easily be improved for faster coding/decoding. May be of interest in encryption.
Splitter.zap - MS-DOS executable and source. Splits file in to user defined chunks and creates batch file to stitch them back together.
LoveHeartLurvemeter - remember that thing you did in primary school with names to find how much X loved Y? Well this is my teched up version, with source.
No Carol VordermanCountdown - shows weeks,days,hours,mins and secs 'til Jim finishes work

Free compilers LCC-win32 for windows 9X & NT or Pacific C for DOS

C++ Source

Connect4 - DOS exe and c/c++ sources demonstrates inheritance, polymorphism (compile and run time), use of existing C functions and simple graphics.

VBA Source

Bitmap Transformer - Rotate or flip uncompressed bitmaps (24,8,4 & 1 bit per pixel)
Text to HTML Tabler - converts delimited text (e.g. CSV, PRN, TXT)into a HTML table

EPOC (Psion) Stuff

SNDCMP - Converts EPOC Record Alaw files to Record ADPCM format (takes up half the space of Alaw)
Rec2wav - Win32 exe (and source) to convert Psion Record files (both Alaw and ADPCM) to WAV files
IMGTRANS - JPEG/GIF/MBM/WBMP converter (includes source)
WhirlGif - create animated GIFs from single GIFs (or split animated GIFs into single images) (includes source)
MBMTool - split or make multi image MBMs (source included)
stdlib.zap - EPOC standard C library SIS, needed by all EPOC exes above